Mimi Zeiger

Critic, editor, curator and instigator.

A collaboration between Mimi Zeiger and Neil Donnelly

#platform is both a means of production and a place to take a stand.

#platform project is a collaborative publication and act of collective criticism.

#platform’s physical documents navigate back into the city, lingering as messages.

For the past four years, participants in the School of Visual Arts Summer Design Writing and Research Intensive in New York have used Twitter to document, research, and critique the city. The social media platform acts as a productive constraint, distilling individual observations and narratives into a public, digital text. Read More …

Curators: Karen Kice, with Iker Gil

Mimi Zeiger and Neil Donnelly with the School of Visual Arts Summer Design Writing and Research Intensive

Architecture is a perpetual conversation between the present and the past, knowing full well that the future is listening. So what happens when this dialogue is influenced by contemporary modes of communication such as texting, Twitter, and Instagram? Chatter happens: ideas are developed, produced, and presented as open-ended or fragmented conversations and cohere through the aggregation of materials. Chatter: Architecture Talks Back looks at the diverse contemporary methods and approaches wielded by five emerging architects: Bureau Spectacular, Erin Besler, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Formlessfinder, and John Szot Studio. Read More …

#platform = collaboratively produced publication by SVA summer design writing intensive participants, with Mimi Zeiger & Neil Donnelly.

Freedom of expression within tight constraints: An anthology of thoughts and observations give voice to the collective experience.

Moving from digital to analog, it presents conversational, observational, narrative, and critical tweets produced during the Intensive.

Time is of the essence. Dérive tweets get tagged and bagged. Narratives are shared. Meaning created with collective intelligence.

We distilled two weeks of collective experiences, conversations, and relationships (more than 1,000 tweets), curating 68 for this volume.

Interdisciplinary curation means staying true to a collaborative direction, allowing for a spontaneous selection of educated critiques.

Potential sound of a tweet: quality of tone, incisive critical pitch, the volume that can be generated with 140 characters.

Herein lies the mystical divining rod of the Intensive. A retroactive guidebook to city-slicking, quotable-quotes, and D-Criticism.

#platform’s physical documents navigate back into the city, lingering as messages.

The School of Visual Arts Design Writing and Research Intensive offers students and working professionals a unique opportunity to study closely with a faculty composed of leading writers, editors, researchers, curators and bloggers. Participants spend two weeks in the SVA MFA Design Criticism studio learning how to write compellingly about images, objects and spaces and are introduced to a range of writing genres and a spectrum of methods and formats.

Faculty and lecturers include: Steven Heller, Alice Twemlow, Adam Harrison Levy, Karrie Jacobs, Paul Lukas, Justin Davidson, Mimi Zeiger, and Jennifer Kabat.

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