Mimi Zeiger

Critic, editor, curator and instigator.

The M&A Catalogue Launch Party celebrates the publication of Building Something (Beyond) Beautiful, a collection of M&A’s past twelve years of projects and installations, produced with the University Art Museum, CSULB. Building Something (Beyond) Beautiful covers over a decade of art and architecture experiments, workshops, parties and performances at Materials & Applications, with special focus on the installations produced by M&A collaborators Ball & Nogues, Jimenez Lai, Layer LA, PATTERNS, Gail Borden, Doris Sung, and founding director, Jenna Didier and director emeritus Oliver Hess. The release party will be the first time the M&A catalogue will be made available to the public.

Panel Discussion on Architecture on Exhibition with Benjamin Ball, Anthony Carfello, Jimenez Lai, Ingallil Wahlroos-Ritter and Mimi Zeiger [Moderator] with Jenna Dider, Jia Gu and Courtney Coffmann

Given that exhibition-making is also a practice, how does the architectural work become transformed by the exhibition? How and why do we exhibit architecture? How do we extend possibilities of publicness in an architect’s work but do this with the work as foreground? How can we inscribe an interaction between a “public” and architects that is different than the container forms we already know (exhibitions, monographs, etc)? In a public conversation, each of the speakers speakers explore their own roles related to exhibition-making, whether in categorical divides (“artist,” curator, instigator) or through diverse genres (installation, exhibition as container, total environments, public platform).